Article Marketing Is Time Consuming!
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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Everyone knows that article marketing is one of the oldest and still one of the best ways to advertise your products. Not only can you get a lot of traffic from the articles themselves, but the backlinks you build in your articles pointing to your website gets you the attention of the search engines, and because of those backlinks they will rank your site higher in their results pages.

Now I am not here to tell you how important article marketing is, or how powerful it is... I am guessing you already know that and that is why you are here.

Many of you that have been using article marketing for any amount of time know what a spun article is. For those of you who don't, let me explain. A spun article is an article that when placed in to a spinner will create loads of unique content articles. For example a spun sentence would look like this:

Here is the regular sentence:
This is what a spun sentence looks like.

Here is the same sentence in spun format:
{This is|This is an example of|Here is|Here is an example of} {just what|exactly what|what} a {pre-spun|spinnable|spun} sentence {would look|might look|looks} {like after it's spun|like once it has been spun|like}.

Here is the same sentence in deep spun format:
{{This is|This is an example of|Here is|Here is an example of} {just what|exactly what|what} a {pre-spun|spinnable|spun} sentence {would look|might look|looks} {like after it's spun|like once it has been spun|like}|{As an example|For example|As one example}, {you would|you will} {see that|observe that|notice that} a deep spun sentence {looks like|resembles|looks similar to} this|{If you are|If you're|In case you are} {wondering|asking yourself|curious about} {what a|exactly what a|just what a} spun sentence looks like {when it is|after it is|once it is} spun deep, it would look {exactly like|the same as|just like} this}.

And when you put the regular spun sentence in a spinner you would get 324 different versions of that sentence. This is how you would figure this out, take the first group of words and phrases (4) and multiply it by the next group (3) which equals 12 now multiply 12 by the next group (3) gives you 36 and so on... for a total of 324 variations of that sentence.

Now the sentence above is very short, but we will use this for this example. Lets say that each paragraph from every article we create has at least 3 sentences. Which would be 324 x 324 x 324 = 34,012,224 variations of just that one paragraph... Say goodbye to duplicate content. Now lets say that each of our articles have only 3 paragraphs, So take 34,012,224 (the number of variations of just 1 paragraph) and multiply it by itself 3 times. You get 39,346,408,075,296,537,575,424 + variations of each article. And that is only saying that each paragraph only has 3 sentences and each article only has 3 paragraphs...

Of course if you took the deep spun sentence and did the math, you would find a lot more variations of that one sentence.


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